Behringer XAir Parallel Compression

Behringer XAir Parallel Compression, Don’t Make This Mistake!

I am finally getting around to making a new series on the Behringer XAir consoles! This series of consoles currently includes the XR12, XR16, X18, and the XR18. Mostly I am going to focus on the XR18 in my series, but keep an eye out or subscribe to my blog over the next few weeks and you will start seeing all of them pop up!

Behringer XAir XR18

XAir Parallel Compression

One thing I wanted to dive into was the use of ‘parallel compression’ on the XAir. There are many ways of accomplishing this, the easiest is using the ‘mix’ knob inside of the channel compressor. There is one way of doing parallel compression through the sub groups. This involves sending the channel directly to the LR Bus AND sending it to a sub group for additional processing. This sub group then goes through a pretty heavy amount of compression and then is sent to the LR Bus at a varying volume to add in a lot of punch for the mix. Typically, this is most often done with the drums.

If you happen to take this sub group and insert an effect from the FX rack, like the Ultimo Compressor, the XAir series of consoles (AND the Behringer X32!) will cause the sub group to be delayed by a little bit behind the direct signal. This little bit of delay will cause a huge reduction in your high frequencies of your mix.

Check out this video with me explaining it a bit more!

The Takeaway

When doing parallel compression, just keep it simple and use the built-in compression of the bus! There is plenty of functionality to get that dialed in compression with the built-in dynamics section.

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  1. This video is great, I accidentally discovered this while working at Guitar Center. I was showing parallel compression to a customer who was trying to get a better drum mix. I was absolutely baffled as to why the ultimo compressor suddenly sounded worse in parallel on the X32. It then dawned on me that the effects busses are not time or phase aligned and quickly switched that effect to a drum bus insert and no longer in parallel for the demonstration. Thank you for going in depth and using smart on this to show the horrendous comb filter effect that happens when you try to do this in parallel. On a separate note, I have heard that the M32 doesn’t have this issue, and for twice the price it shouldn’t. I unfortunately have no need for a console that big or expensive and was curious if the MR18 would allow me to mix with the effects busses in parallel. I can’t get my hands on one locally to try it out, but was curious if you could tell me if those effects busses are phase and time aligned on the MR18 like they are on the M32.

  2. Amba new here from Ghana. Please I need tutorials on how to use XR18 console. Am a beginner. Thanks.

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