The Complete Guide to Mixing Audio
on the Behringer X-Air

A step-by-step course to help you fully understand your X-Air mixer, and strengthen your mix, in just over 5 hours

The Basics and beyond

No more second-guessing your moves on the mixer. 

It’s time to step confidently into your role as a master of your craft. With this course, you’ll bridge the gap between knowing your gear and leveraging its full potential to craft mixes that resonate, move, and inspire.

Elevating Worship Through Technical Excellence

You bring the dedication and spirit of service; I’ll bring the training. This course is designed to empower new and experienced audio engineers with the skills to confidently manage the Behringer X-Air and Midas M-Air mixers, transforming technical challenges into opportunities to create impactful worship experiences.

What's at stake if you don't fully understand your mixer?

  • Stuck in Soundcheck: Without a deep understanding of your mixer’s capabilities, you’re likely to spend more time troubleshooting and less time creating. You could remain in a perpetual state of “soundcheck,” never fully confident in the sound you’re delivering
  • Increased Stress and Inefficiency:
    Troubleshooting audio issues under pressure, especially during live services, can be highly stressful. Without a thorough understanding of your mixer’s capabilities and functionalities, you’re more likely to encounter preventable technical problems. This adds unnecessary stress and diverts your focus from the more meaningful aspects of your service.
  • Burnout from Constant Battles: Fighting with feedback, struggling with subpar sound, and feeling like you’re in a constant battle with your equipment can lead to burnout. This isn’t just about physical tiredness but a deep-seated frustration that may dampen your passion.
  • Missed Creative Opportunities: These mixers are not just tools for amplification but instruments for creativity. Without mastering them, you could miss out on crafting audio experiences that you’re proud of.


Who is this course for?

For Aspiring Audio Professionals:

If you’re transitioning from enthusiasm to professionalism in audio engineering, mastering the complexities of live and studio mixing can seem daunting. This course bridges that gap, offering you a clear path to becoming a confident professional.


For Those With Multifaceted Responsibilities:

Your role extends beyond preaching or leading worship; it encompasses audio production, team leadership, and sometimes, even troubleshooting technical glitches on the fly. This course is designed to alleviate the weight of these responsibilities, teaching you how to leverage the X-Air and M-Air mixers for a consistent audio experience.


For Church Volunteers:

You care deeply about enhancing the worship experience and supporting the message of each service. If you’ve stepped into this role with a heart to serve but find yourself navigating a maze of knobs, faders, and cables, this course is crafted for you.


Everything you need to master your mixer

Module 1 → Getting Started with the X-Air

Learn to set up, update, and configure your Behringer X-Air or Midas M-Air to create a solid foundation for future mixes. 

Module 2 → Inputs and Outputs

Learn about balanced and unbalanced signals and various microphone types and patterns. We’ll explore the proximity effect and how to connect your mixer to different sources and destinations.

Module 3 → Mixing and Processing

Enhance your sound with built-in effects processors, create an efficient workflow with snapshots, manage multiple channels with DCAs, and get acquainted with the Behringer X-Air Mix App.

Module 4 → Advanced Techniques

From mastering recording and playback functionalities to harnessing the power of the Ultranet Port for expanded connectivity options, this module covers it all.


The Complete Behringer X-Air Course


+ 4 Comprehensive Modules

+ Over 5 Hours of Instructional Content

+ Invitation to Private Audio Community

+ Bonus Cheat Sheets for Compression, EQ, and Gate Settings

Hey there, I'm Drew Brashler!

Growing up, I spent my Sundays at church with my dad. Instead of going to Sunday School, I was drawn to the audio booth so I could spend more time with him. That’s where my journey in audio engineering began.

My love for sound and learning led me down a path where I explored all aspects of live production. I have experience working with audio, video, and lighting, and also volunteer and staff leadership.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of coaching and collaborating with churches and production teams all across the United States.

For me, it’s not just about operating the gear; it’s about knowing it inside and out.

Whether it’s troubleshooting technical issues or optimizing audio setups, watching others find their stride in audio production is rewarding for me.

My journey is always evolving, driven by a passion for the Church, a love for audio, and sharing knowledge.

About Drew Brashler

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to learn from this course?

This course offers an in-depth exploration of the Behringer X-Air and Midas M-Air mixers, equipping you with the skills to expertly manage live sound and recording sessions. You’ll learn to optimize inputs and outputs, harness effects, and troubleshoot with ease.

It’s ideal for sound engineers, worship leaders, pastors, volunteers, and audio enthusiasts eager to learn and master the Behringer X-Air and Midas M-Air mixers.  It is made for both beginners seeking foundational knowledge and experienced professionals looking to refine their skills with these specific mixers.

Yes, the course offers flexible access to materials, allowing participants to learn at their own pace. You will have lifetime access to all course materials after purchase.

In total, the course is 5 and a half hours, including 26 lessons broken up into four core modules.

Yes! Please contact [email protected] for information on team pricing.

Lesson Plan Preview