Behringer X32-Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab

X32-Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab

Last week I covered the Effects Tab in my X32-Mix App Tutorial series, if you haven’t seen the blog post, check it out here: X32-Mix App Tutorial Effects Tab. This week we look into the ‘Scenes Tab’ of the X32-Mix.

X32-Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab

First thing is first, the ‘scenes’ themselves (aka the data) live on the console. You are unable to save scenes using the X32-Mix App when it is in a demo mode, so unlike X32-Edit, you will not be able to design a show unless connected to an X32 or M32 console.

Behringer X32 Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab

When you first click on the scenes tab, you will see your first 10 scenes. As we can see the yellow ticket in the upper right and on the left of ‘000 dBB-Audio Zeroed’ shows us which scene we are currently on.

X32-Mix App Changing Scenes

To change scenes, simply select the scene you want to change to by pressing on it in the list. You will see a red ticket appear in the top bar.

Behringer X32 Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab

You will then press & hold the red ticket and swipe it to the right.

Behringer X32 Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab

We can now see that the yellow ticket has changed to ‘001 dBB-Audio’ in the list and has also changed names in the upper right. If you need to undo the change you just made, you can press the reverse arrow to the left of the red ticket, this will ask you to confirm and reverse the scene change.

X32-Mix App Saving Scenes

The most asked question I get about the X32-Mix App is how in the world do you save a scene?! Well simply tap on the scene slot you want to save it, press the ‘edit’ button and a hidden menu will appear.

Behringer X32 Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab

After you have pressed Edit, you are able to rename the Name and the Notes of the scene, save the scene, delete the scene, or even copy and paste it.

X32-Mix App Scene Safes

Along with editing the scene with the Edit button, you can also set the Scene Safes. Simply tap on the scene safe dot and it will change to yellow.

We have the same Scene Safes available as if we were at the console:

  • ROUT = Routing I/O
  • OUT = Output Patch
  • HA = Preamp (HA)
  • CONF = Configuration
  • CHAN = Channel Process
  • BUS = Mix Busses
  • FX = Effects
  • TB = Talkback

If you need some clarity as to what these Scene Safes do, take a look at this blog post: Behringer X32 Scene Safes.

Behringer X32 Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab

X32-Mix App Parameter Safes

PARAM SAFE gives us the same options as the parameter safes on the console. Parameter Safes allow you to pick specific parameters as a global safe like the EQ or Mutes. My favorite use of a parameter safe would be ‘mutes’ on the ‘input channels’, to make sure that I don’t accidentally load a scene that has mutes on it.

Behringer X32 Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab Behringer X32 Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab

X32-Mix App Channel Safes

There are two pages for the channel safes, but you wouldn’t know unless you swiped from the left to the right.

The first page gives us Channel 1-32, Aux 1-8, and FX Returns 1-4

Behringer X32 Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab

The second page gives us Mixbusses 1-16, Matrix 1-6, Main LR Bus, M/C Bus, DCA 1-8, and effects racks 1-8.

Behringer X32-Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab

When you enable a safe, it will turn red:

Behringer X32 Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab

X32-Mix App Show, Snippets, and Cues

From the scenes tab you are able to edit the show name by just clicking on it and then it will pull up the keyboard. Unfortunately, you are not able to view, edit, or recall snippets or cues. In fact, if your board’s ‘show control’ is set to snippets or cues, a message will appear like this one:

Behringer X32-Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab

Next time!

That is all for this week’s X32-Mix App Tutorial Scenes Tab! Next time, we will take a look at the Meters and Recorder tabs of the X32-Mix App!

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Drew I am still disappointed with Behringer not fixing X32-Mix to allow Cue and Snippet control. Over the years I have followed your tutorials and I must say I am very impressed, especially with the recent set, they are clear and precise, and the folks mixing for our Seniors all volunteer 50’s & 60’s Rock and Roll group are really helped. We started with the Full Console and a Core and with a iPad and a PC for X32-Edit. One of our mixing staff is Apple focused, so initially for every song, we have been using Scenes, and Safes to allow a foundation scene for a particular venue to try to minimize the changes between scenes. Your tutorial on Cues, Scenes and Snippets is right on, but as we still use the iPad we are lumixed and cannot use them. I see that your great tutorials have been recognized by the Music Group folks. I really do not understand why Behringer could not have just given an option to disable the ticket process when Cue or Snippet Show Control is set. That way the iPad could still have have been used for EQ’s and channel mixing and the coding changes would have been minimal. If you agree or have a different view it would be much appreciated to hear from you.

  2. Thank you for the tutorial. Maybe you’d be able to answer a question I have because I haven’t been able to locate the answer elsewhere. Id like to save a scene however when I try to do so I get that same message about “show controls to scenes” when I do that another message appears saying something about “initializing”. I don’t have the ipad with me rn, sorry. My question to you is about the initializing. Do you know what this entails? Sounds to me like I’m going to lose the scene I already built. thanks

  3. Hey Drew! I’m getting that annoying shows control message because my show control is set to cues & snippets. How do I set it back to Scenes? I miss saving my scenes on my iPad lol.

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