Effects Library Download for the Behringer X32 & Midas M32

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100 effects presets for the Behringer X32 and Midas M32 digital mixers to download right into your board and get to mixing quickly.



100 Effects Presets for your Behringer or Midas Library

Quickly get to mixing by downloading these 100 effect presets for the Behringer X32 or Midas M32.

Effects Preset Library for the Behringer X32 & Midas M32 Download

These Effects Library Downloads work for all of the Behringer X32 Mixers including:

They also work with the following Midas sound boards:

I created Behringer X-Air and MR18 Effect Library Downloads available here.

Complete Download Documentation Included

Presets are a very good starting ground for getting that golden mix you want quickly and efficiently.

Along with the full set of effects presets for your library, I’ve included a a 50 page .PDF with extensive information on why I applied the settings in the way that I did. It’s my hope that you would fully understand how these are built so you feel confident to tweak each preset and sculpt the ideal sound for your mix.

V4 Firmware Supported

I extensively tested the library download to be supported on V2, V3, and V4 firmware.

Included in the download are 100 effects presets that range through all of my most used effects on the sound board. They include:

Hall Reverb:

  1. Large Hall
  2. Medium Vocal Hall
  3. Small Drum Hall
  4. Small Vocal Hall
  5. Studio 1
  6. Studio 2

Chamber Reverb:

  1. Large Dark Chamber
  2. Large Wide Chamber
  3. Medium Chamber 1
  4. Medium Chamber 2
  5. Medium Dark Chamber
  6. Medium Vocal Chamber
  7. Small Chamber
  8. Small Dark Chamber

Plate Reverb:

  1. Instrument Plate
  2. Large Plate
  3. Medium Plate
  4. Medium Dark Plate
  5. Short Slap Plate
  6. Small Plate
  7. Small Dark Plate
  8. Vocal Plate

Gated Reverb:

  1. Snare Gated Reverb

Vintage Room:

  1. Medium Dark Room
  2. Large Room
  3. Medium Room
  4. Small Bright Room
  5. Small Room

Vintage Reverb:

  1. Hard Wall Vocal Reverb
  2. Big Arena Reverb
  3. Fat Snare Reverb
  4. Drum Reverb
  5. Vocal Reverb

Delay + Chamber

  1. Vocal Delay + Chamber

Stereo Delay:

  1. Stereo Tap Delay
  2. Mono Tap Delay

Rotary Speaker:

  1. Leslie
  2. Old Church Organ

Wave Designer:

  1. Bass Attack
  2. Snare Sustain

Precision Limiter:

  1. Hard Limiting
  2. Limiting Default Settings
  3. Moderate Limiting
  4. Rock Limiting
  5. Slamming
  6. Bus Enhancing Limiter
  7. Gentle Limiting


  1. Stereo Keys
  2. Stereo Equal-Loudness Contour
  3. Dual Keys
  4. Dual Equal-Loudness Contour

Guitar Amp:

  1. Marshall Bluesbreaker
  2. Hiwatt
  3. Big Muff Pi
  4. Vox AC30
  5. Fender Twin
  6. Fender Super Clean

Tube Stage:

  1. Bit of Tube
  2. Old Radio Microphone
  3. Tube Warmth


  1. Snare Less Hi-Hat
  2. Male DeEsser
  3. Female DeEsser

Xtec EQ1:

  1. Kick Drum
  2. Electric Guitar
  3. Keys

Xtec EQ5:

  1. Snare Cut
  2. Snare Boost
  3. Bass Guitar

Fair Comp:

  1. Stereo MixBus Settings
  2. Stereo Drum Bus Fast Attack
  3. Stereo Drum Bus Slow Attack
  4. Piano
  5. Pop Vocal
  6. Electric Guitar
  7. Vocal

Leisure Comp:

  1. Hard Vocal Compression
  2. Vocal
  3. Unity Gain Settings

Ultimo Comp:

  1. Piano ALL Button Mode
  2. Vocal ALL Button Mode
  3. Acoustic Guitar
  4. Electric Guitar
  5. Vocal
  6. Snare
  7. Bass with Fuzz Sound

Sound Maxer:

  1. Mix Boost More
  2. Mix Boost
  3. Low End Boost
  4. Brightness

Edison EX1

  1. Stereo Spreader

Dimension C:

  1. Keyboard Chorus
  2. Male Vocal Chorus
  3. Acoustic Guitar Chorus
  4. Electric Guitar Chorus
  5. Female Vocal Chorus


  1. Stereo 6dB Mix Polish
  2. Stereo Mix Push
  3. Stereo Mix Polish
  4. Dual Hard Limiting

Behringer X32 Effects Preset Library Download

NOTE: A USB thumb drive is required for loading onto your X32. You can also load using X32-Edit, however, documentation is only included for the USB thumb drive method.

Also, a .PDF reader is required for viewing these routing sheets. Adobe Forms & Text Input are supported by the most current version of Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free here from Adobe.