Installing the Waves X-WSG SoundGrid Expansion Card for X32 & M32

Installing the Waves X-WSG SoundGrid Expansion Card for X32 & M32

Remember last week during my post about expansion cards I mentioned something exciting about the Waves X-WSG card? Well, this week I can tell you about it!

I’m happy to announce that Waves has teamed up with me and sent me a Waves X-WSG Expansion Card along with a Waves SoundGrid Impact Server Combo to review and teach about for the next few months! Not only do I get to make a few videos helping you get this card and setup installed, but I will also go over my favorite plugins, how to get them interfaced with the X32/M32, and how I would implement them into my weekly audio workflow!

Looking for the video? Click here now to skip to it!

So, What is SoundGrid?

Waves SoundGrid - Waves X-WSG Card

Waves plugins have been a staple for engineers who use ProTools in the recording studio. SoundGrid was released as an extremely low-latency environment for audio processing with these plugins but in real time.

Waves MultiRack SoundGrid - Waves X-WSG Card

The real beauty of SoundGrid is that it utilizes servers to process the audio separate from your computer that you are controlling the plugins with. This frees up your computer for other processor-heavy tasks.

Multiple servers can also be implemented for redundancy, if one server goes down, the other server can pick back up with a minimal loss of audio.

Waves SoundGrid Impact Server - Waves X-WSG Card

Impact Combo for X32 and X32-Producer Consoles

This combo is all you need to get your X32 and M32 working with SoundGrid and MultiRack. It includes the following:

Waves X-WSG I/O Card

Behringer X32 X-WSG

The Waves X-WSG I/O Card gives a 32 in, 32 out audio interface with the Behringer X32 and Midas M32 consoles. This interfaces directly with the SoundGrid network, but can also connect directly to a computer and work with MultiRack Native without using a SoundGrid server.

Installing the Waves X-WSG SoundGrid Expansion Card for X32 & M32 Installing the Waves X-WSG SoundGrid Expansion Card for X32 & M32

Waves SoundGrid Impact Server

Waves SoundGrid Impact Server - Waves X-WSG Card

This thing is awesome and I will be doing a more in depth article about this server soon. But for the time being, let me explain a few details about this. It is pretty small! The case is a Mini ITX case measuring at W: 10.5″ x H: 2.76″ x D: 12.4″.

It is impressive how many plugins this can handle without going into DSP overload, 410 initiations of the API 2500, or 99 initiations of the C6 Multiband Compressor, and my favorite “turn your X32 into an SSL” (kinda) with 392 initiations of the SSL E-Channel or G-Channel.

At this point you might be wondering, why do you even need a bigger version of this with the Waves SoundGrid Extreme Server? Well, it is in the really DSP heavy plugins like Reverbs and Delays that eats up the DSP. The Waves SoundGrid Impact Server can only run 6 of the H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb (stereo). So, when you are heavily relying on SoundGrid for ALL of your audio processing and not using the console for anything, this is where you will run out of DSP.

Installing the Waves X-WSG

Let’s get the Waves X-WSG installed and working! Check out my YouTube video on how to get this installed and working!

It’s Installed!

Now that the Waves X-WSG SoundGrid Expansion Card is installed in my Behringer X32 I will be hard at work making more tutorials over the coming weeks teaching you how to add the Waves X-WSG and MultiRack into your audio workflow. Make sure to subscribe to the blog to keep up to date!

One last thing, if you are thinking of purchasing any Waves Plugins or StudioRack systems, click through this link and you will receive 10% off of your order!

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9 Responses

  1. Hello Drew, I bought some of the WAVES plugins but using the USB card in the X32, there is a very noticeable latency.
    Even with an empty rack, I am getting latency.
    Is it possible that WAVES doesn’t work with X32 USB card?

    Thank you

    1. Hi George, that is correct. You are using what is called MultiRack Native where your computer is doing all of the audio processing inside. This will have a much longer delay depending on the buffer you are running inside of MultiRack. The lower the buffer, the lower the latency. The higher the buffer, the higher the latency. The main problems that will happen at a lower buffer is that your computer needs to be very fast to process the audio without any glitches. This is where SoundGrid has the benefit and why Waves came out with the X-WSG card.

  2. Does the impact server only transport audio via Soundgrid? Is it possible to get the USB Driver to the server?

    All leading to: Can I use an Impact server with my standard USB Card?

  3. Does the impact server only transport audio via Soundgrid? Can I use an Impact server with my standard USB Card?

    Second question, if I had the X-WSG card, do I have to have a server or can my MBP process the audio directly via a network cable?

  4. Hi Drew.
    We are looking to add Waves to our m32 setup and your videos and posts have been incredibly helpful. So thank you for that!
    One question though: will Waves presets and settings save to scenes/snapshots on the m32 using this setup method? (ie. tempos for delays, keys for pitch correction, etc.) If not, do you know if there is a setup that will work that out? Or do you have to have someone “running” the Waves software to load those presets. (I guess I’m hoping you can essentially use the board as a controller for the Waves software.)
    Thanks again Drew!

  5. Hey Drew!
    That’s for this blog post I actually own a SoundGrid server as well. Do you know it it’s possible to rack mount the unit or how would you think I could go about that? Do you keep your just laying on a table?

  6. Hi Drew ,
    I’m trying to install a native processing ( DN32 WSG , Waves superrack on my MacBook Pro macOS 11.1 Big Sur) , solo Sonnet 10G connected to DN32 WSG , but I’m having difficulties . Is the a tutorial on this subject ?
    Thanx in advance

  7. Hello Drew,
    I am having trouble configuring my soundgrid system on Big Sur.

    I see that the server is recognized in Soundgrid and wsg is green.

    But, in the DAW, if I “switch to SG” this track does not output anything any more, it does not modulate in the plugin nor in Soundgrid either.
    In Soundgrid, the track is flashing “mute” and I cannot access the I / O settings for that track.
    (If I switch back to “Native”, Studiorack works again)

    The last Waves plugin version supported in MultiRack is v10 and Supported up to macOS 10.14.5

    How to solve this problem please?

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