Channel Presets Library for the Behringer X-Air & Midas MR18


24 channel presets for the Behringer X-Air and Midas M-Air audio consoles.


Channel Presets Library for the Behringer X-Air & Midas MR18

These presets work for all of the Behringer X-Air consoles including:

These presets also work for the following Midas consoles:

Presets are a very good starting ground for getting that golden mix you want. Along with the full set of presets for your library, I’ve included a 24 page .PDF with so much information on why I applied the settings in the way that I did. It’s my hope that you would fully understand how these are built so you feel confident to tweak each preset and really sculpt the ideal sound for your mix.

24 X AIR Presets for your Behringer Library

Included in the download are 24 presets that range through all of the popular instruments. They include:

  1. Drums – Kick Out B52
  2. Drums – Kick In B91
  3. Drums – Kick Drum B91
  4. Drums – Kick Drum B52
  5. Drums – Snare NoTone
  6. Drums – Snare Easy
  7. Drums – Snare
  8. Drums – Snare Bottom
  9. Drums – Hi Tom
  10. Drums – Mid Tom
  11. Drums – Floor Tom
  12. Drums – Hi Hat
  13. Drums – Ride
  14. Drums – Overheads
  15. Electric GTR
  16. Acoustic GTR
  17. Keyboard
  18. Bass 1
  19. Bass 2
  20. Bass Low Freq
  21. Bass Hi Freq
  22. Vocals – Male Less Bass
  23. Vocals – Male Vocal
  24. Vocals – Female Vocal

NOTE: X AIR Edit is required for loading onto your XR12, XR16, XR18 and X18. You can download X Air Edit through Behringer’s Website here. Also, a .PDF reader is required for viewing the documentation. Make sure to have the most current version of Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free here from Adobe.