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Music Group Video Shoot!

With the release of the Behringer X32 version 3 firmware, Music Group invited me out to their studios in Los Angeles, CA to record a few videos on the new features of the firmware! I am excited to announce that most of the videos are now posted on Behringer’s YouTube channel. Here is a list of a few of the videos that we recorded while I was out there!

“Aux-Fed Subwoofer” Technique on X32:

If you know me at all, subwoofers are one of my favorite things with sound systems. There is so much energy that can be felt from subwoofers and they really play a key role with most sound systems. With the release of the V3 firmware, we now have the ability to use crossover filters on the M/C and the LR Bus without needing to use the Matrix section.This is going to be super useful for those of you who use a direct connection from the LR Bus to your powered speakers. By taking your subwoofers off of the LR Bus and then adding them to come from the M/C

This is going to be super useful for those of you who use a direct connection from the LR Bus to your powered speakers. By taking your subwoofers off of the LR Bus and then routing them to come from the M/C, you can ‘aux-feed’ this subwoofer and specify what goes into the subwoofer and what doesn’t go into this subwoofer. Additionally, with the setting of ‘M/C depends on Main L/R’ which can be found in Setup>Config, you can link the M/C level to change along with the level of the Main LR fader.

Setup and Using Output Delays:

There are a lot of churches with balconies, overflow areas, cry rooms, or even speakers in their foyer/entryways. All of these speakers can deliver better audio if delayed correctly to produce sound at the same time that the sound from the main PA arrives. We now not only have delay from 0.3ms to 500ms, but we also have a polarity reversal switch with the addition of the ‘phase’ button.

Setting Up Your Monitor Mixes:

One of the most frequent questions I get about the Behringer X32 is how do I set up my monitor mixes! I really wanted to give a clear example of setting up a monitor mix, and with the Behringer Powerplay P1, you can add a personal wired in-ear monitor for a musician for around $50!

Saving and Backing Up Your Scenes:

THIS IS KEY!!!!! I can’t stress how important it is to save your scenes and back them up on a frequent schedule. It is so easy to go purchase a USB Thumb Drive, and even easier to back the scenes up!

X-TOUCH Integration with X32 Digital Consoles:

With the introduction of the V3 firmware also gave us the ability to use the X-Touch with the Behringer X32. This is going to be perfect for those of you who use the X32 Rack or X32 Core who want to have a physical work surface but don’t have the room for the Full Size or larger consoles.

Using Pink Noise and the Built-In RTA to Ring Out Your Room

Using the internal oscillator of the X32 and the internal RTA in the meters, we can now ring out or tune your room with more accuracy than just guessing! Make sure to first grab an RTA microphone like the Behringer ECM8000 or the dbx RTA-M and you can plug it into a spare channel on the X32.

Using the Assign Section of X32 – Customizing Your Console

I love the user assign section of the X32, I not only have my Tap Delay tempo set from one of the buttons, but I also place mutes for the FX and on the 2nd layer, I have my volumes for my A/V inputs like CD player, iPod, or my Computer.

Visually Separating Similar Audio Channels (Inverting Scribble Strip Color)

When I have multiple channels that all have the same color, I will often invert the color on the scribble strip to give a bit more of a visual separation on the board.


Thank you!

Thanks to the guys at Music studios in LA for having me out to there again! I always love being able to share new updates on this board and how these features can help all of us out! What feature do you wish would be installed on the X32, I would love to hear!

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  1. Great videos but they would be even better if they took out the background music as it can be very distracting.

  2. Hi… I use a mac.. the version 3 of the software for x32 is unstable and doesn’t save some effect parameters and quits unexpectedly… any chance they will be fixing the bugs?

  3. Drew,
    I have à problem with my p16m personal monitor,he works 30mins and shutdow i made an upgrade of the firware of my m32 r and nothing happen everything Is set ok all my sixteen chanel are routing correct (direct out .)
    The led(ultranet) on the p16 m still not lit again,
    What can i do?????

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